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Why Fencing?

Looking for a sport for your child?  Want to try fencing yourself?  These are just some of the reasons why fencers love their sport...

Fun workout – DVFC’s classes use fun, challenging games to build your strength, balance, agility and superior hand-eye coordination.  Already an athlete?  You'll build a greater range of skills!  Want to become more active?  You’ll be eager for your next workout.

Mental challenge – Fencing is a constantly changing puzzle. Each opponent has different ideas, different strengths.  You’ll feel them out, adapt to their ideas, and improvise solutions as they adapt to your strategies.

Individual fit – Wins are not based solely on size, strength, and speed but also intelligence, creativity and determination.  Fencing’s three weapon disciplines each appeal to different personalities, so you can find the one you love best.  

Learn something new – Classes help you build your skills systematically, progressively adding new ideas while reinforcing old ones.

Meet cool people – Interactive, social classes are a great way to meet people with similar interests and make new friends.

Personal growth – Fencing helps build your self-confidence, focus, sense of responsibility, and tactical thinking.  You'll learn to compete, to win and lose graciously and to be part of a team.

Competitive opportunities – There are fencing competitions to suit all ages, genders, and experience levels.  You can achieve success at one level while also learning to take risks and stretch your abilities at harder competitions.

Fun!Learning to fence isn’t just about healthy development, though – it’s fun!  Trick your opponent, then get the visceral joy of hitting them with a long, shiny sword!  What could be better?