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Class Information and Descriptions

General Class Information


  • Youth - 8-12 years old
  • Teens - 13-17 years old
  • Adults - 18+ years old

Monthly Fees:
  • Beginners - $200
  • Advanced - $225
  • Competitive* - $300
  • Adult Foil Beginner - $140
  • Adult Foil Advanced - $225
  • Adult Sabre* - $115
  • Open Fencing - $85
* Includes open fencing.

Class Descriptions

Beginners train in a two-month cycle.  The footwork month answers the question, "How do I get close enough to hit (without getting hit)?"  Students play a series of tactical distance games to learn how to lure their opponent in and attack at the right moment.  The bladework month focuses on "What do I do once I'm close enough to hit (and get hit!)?"  Students learn how to block and evade their opponent's blade.  Throughout these classes, students begin to build an athletic foundation through a focus on basic movements and gross motor control.  While students will learn about all three weapons, their own training will use light plastic foils.

Advanced learn how to combine their bladework and footwork ideas in controlled drill situations.  They also begin bouting, with a focus on learning how to apply the skills learned in class rather than on the score.  Advanced start using steel foils, getting a sense of how the different weapon gives more tactile feedback.

Competitive students play more advanced games with an increased focus on learning how their actions relate to tactics, and spend more class time applying these drills to bouting.  They learn how to use electric scoring equipment and begin competing.  They may also have a chance to try out epee and sabre.  These students are encouraged to stay after class for more bouting.

The Adult classes offers advanced training for competitive adult  fencers, including applied footwork, drills, and task bouting.  Some teen fencers may join this class with permission from the instructor.

Special Offers for Conshohocken Classes

Do you have more than one child in your household who is interested in fencing? Ask about our 10% family discount.