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Coaching Workshop Series

The Coaching Workshop Series is an ongoing series of clinics, devoted to producing the highest quality educational experience.

What makes this experience so valuable?

  • Presenters who have both a world-class understanding of their weapon and tremendous skills in communicating that knowledge.
  • Each clinic geared to a specific level of coach so everybody learns at a similar pace.
  • Give lessons to athletes (your own or those provided by the clinic) rather than other coaches.
  • Informal evening chat sessions to discuss coaching and the business side of fencing.
  • Clinics videotaped for later review.
  • Small class sizes - sign up today!


Clinics start at 9 AM each day and run until approximately 5.  (That seems to be when we run out of steam.)  There is an hour-long break for lunch, which is provided as part of the clinic.  There will be the option of joining in for a group dinner on Saturday night.

Student Policy

Coaches are encouraged to bring a student to work with for each of the clinics they register for.  All students will be fed lunch on the days that they work.  Underage students must have a waiver from their legal guardian to participate.

Students must at all times wear a full uniform, including plastron and appropriate footwear.  Sweats, in lieu of knickers or fencing pants, may be worn.  Shorts may not be worn under any circumstances when crossing blades with a coach or another student.

Students working with the group as a whole should make themselves available 30 minutes after the start of the days session. 

Students understand that they may be videotaped or photographed for educational purposes.