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Frequently Asked Questions


If I can't make it to a class, can I come to a different class as a make-up?
Yes!  Different sections of each class cover approximately the same material each week.  If you have a conflict, please do come to one of our other classes!

I want to start, but I can't make it during the first week of the month.  Is there any way I can make up that class?
Sure!  Email DVFC to schedule a half-hour individual lesson for $55.

What is DVFC's inclement weather policy?
DVFC hold classes unless the weather is particularly fearsome.  In general, if nearby public schools close or have an early dismissal due to the weather, then DVFC will be closed.  (In some rare instances, like when a media panic the night before shuts down schools for what proves to be a minor storm, we may send out notice that we will be holding class after all, which will probably be a big relief if you’ve been cooped up with an energetic youngster or two all day!)  There are no additional makeup sessions for classes missed due to the weather and memberships do not get extended.

How will you find out if classes are cancelled?  Since we usually don’t have much time to get the word out, we’ll rely on the quickest methods to send – email newsletters, a mass text message, and a status update on our Facebook page.  As we head into winter, please make sure that we have good contact information for you!  We don’t want you driving on treacherous roads just because our email went to a spam folder!